The Clone Wars: Penguin and DK book details

The official site has some details on the Penguin and DK kids books that will tie into The Clone Wars movie and TV series. The books all have a release date of July 26 in the U.S. and August 7 in the U.K. One publisher announcement down… Hopefully we’ll get the others soon!

4 Replies to “The Clone Wars: Penguin and DK book details”

  1. Ehh. There comes a point when it’s just not worth reporting on all the merchandise. Calendars are on the other side of the line. ;)

  2. I’m confused. Is the US and the UK both getting all the books produced by each publishing house?

    Or do I need to grovel to my UK friends to by me some books?

  3. I’m reading it as Grosset & Dunlap and DK in the US. DK, Puffin and Ladybird in the UK.

    So the DK ones will be in both, but the others are country-specific.

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