The Clone Wars: ‘Legacy of Terror’ leaves a legacy of reviews

When defending against Geonosian zombies, the lightsaber is mightier than the blaster. When reviewing Geonosian zombies, the pen (or the keyboard) is still mightier than the saber. Here’s what survivors of the great bug zombie attack of Star Wars – The Clone Wars: ‘Legacy of Terror’ are saying:

  • MTV Movies blog calls it, and the whole Geonosian story arc, exceptional, enjoying the new queen as a villain.
  • BigShinyRobot enjoyed it as well, though calls it the weakest in the Geonosis arc so far, and points out the similarities betweeen the Geonosian queen and the queen from Aliens
  • IGN gives it a 9 out of 10, relishing in the whole zombie aspect, and liking the banter between Obi-wan and Anakin.
  • TFN calls it light on plot but heavy on other redeeming elements, such as focusing on the different Jedi approaches, and the ick factor.
  • Joseph Lewis cheers for some genuinely heroic moments, and the lack of the annoying sidekick characters.

Was I just expecting too much of a Geonosian zombie storyline in my review? (Tune in later today to read it.) After all, while I enjoyed Death Troopers, I wished it were a bit more zombie horror-ific.

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