The Clone Wars leaves no niche unturned

Heads up, guys: There are Clone Wars themed choose-your-own-adventure books coming. So the actual series is Decide Your Destiny, but…

The unique Decide Your Destiny series allows readers to make choices to determine the direction their adventure takes. Not only will they decide which page they should turn to next but in an amazing twist, they’ll be able to continue the story online with codes that unlock exclusive content here at Stay tuned for details and links!

Oh, the fun times we’ll have mocking these one day…

7 Replies to “The Clone Wars leaves no niche unturned”

  1. Star Wars has done some great “choose-your-own-adventure” books. The galaxy kinda lends itself to those.

    I’m psyched!

  2. i never saw the old Star Wars CYOA-type books, but i was a big fan of the classic CYOA books… too bad my collection disappeared when i left home.

    online content? this is an awesome idea, especially since with the web, you could potentially keep making content, turning every “The End” into more and more story.

    back in the day when i first got on the internet, about 16 years ago, there was a HTML choose your own adventure site where if you hit an end, you got the choice to turn it into more choices and keep making up the story (think CYOA written by wiki, but without the ability to edit past choices). i think it was called ADDventure or something like that.

    here it is:

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