The Clone Wars kids around with ‘Children of the Force’

After last week’s season premiere two-parter, we are back to single half-hour episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars – this week’s episode is “Children of the Force”. With a major story arc underway involving the list of every Force-sensitive child in the galaxy now in Cad Bane’s hands (and presumably, soon in Darth Sidious’ hands), the danger level has been ratcheted up.

Getting ready for this week’s episode “Children of the Force”, has their placeholder episode guide and an interview with Ian Abercrombie, the voice of Darth Sidious on The Clone Wars, and who was at the first screening of Star Wars at Graumann’s Chinese Theater in May 1977. gives us a peek with the clip above where Darth Sidious details his plans.

Still catching up from last week? Check out Dave Filoni’s video commentary on “Holocron Heist” (Jocasta Nu and her impostor’s fighting style) and “Cargo of Doom” (Depicting the torture and death of Balla Ropal). Despite this season’s darker themes, the voice stars of the show reflect on how The Clone Wars is great for family discussions by giving lessons on life and morality in this video.

Dave Filoni gives a big interview on Season Two, getting hired at Lucasfilm and not getting sick of Star Wars.

and for those wanting a little more The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes fun, has a quick video on how to hijack and control a super battle droid. an online Clone Weapons Training game. The video game came out on Tuesday for pretty much every platform.

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