The Clone Wars: Intel reports on ‘Senate Spy’

Here’s the latest reviews and reports on ‘Senate Spy’, last week’s episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Tonight, Cartoon Network shows a re-run of ‘Children of the Force’ (only after 4 episodes?). And be sure to check out Club Jade’s own review, this week provided by guest reviewer and Hitchcock fan, Stooge.

  • IGN gives it a 7.7 / 10, liking the show of Padme’s strong will but disappointed at her need to be rescued – again.
  • calls it good but not one of the best, praising Padme’s strength, especially turning Anakin’s lines back at him, but is critical of the confusing political setup of this explosion-free episode.
  • BigShinyRobot gushes over the Notorious homage and praises the solidness of storytelling.
  • SWCloneWarsReviews gives it a 2 out of 5 – more promise than actually delivered, and some plot contrivances that were more puzzling than believable.

Meanwhile over at, Pete Vilmur provides an introductory interview with Cary Silver, series producer of The Clone Wars.

As for tonight’s repeat of ‘Children of the Force’, SWUniverse has a list of little nods and winks to watch for.