The Clone Wars ‘Hostage Crisis’ teaser

Cad Bane, bounty hunters… The buzz for this episode is already pretty steady, but it is the finale, so I suppose I can allow it. (Kidding! No, really!) See the clip (and some pics) at a slightly better quality over at io9. And as James already linked, Filoni talks up Bane over at

Also, something I’ve been pondering… The same organization who didn’t want there to be an Anakin Skywalker and an Anakin Solo in two completely different time periods is perfectly okay with a Darth Bane and a Cad Bane? Is this progress, or is something fishy at work? (Perhaps a Mon Calamari Sith lord?) Or has ‘Bane’ simply become badass shorthand over the years? We’ll just have to see if this flavor-of-the-week survives his debut.