Clone Wars goes Notorious with ‘Senate Spy’ tonight!

Let's play The Sims!

Tonight’s Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode may not be battle heavy, but will show the war from a different point of view: politics, espionage, and romance (?) as Padme goes undercover to investigate a senator who’s also an old love interest. Catherine Taber shares with on Padmé’s allegiances to the Republic and to her husband, and on her Alfred Hitchcock homework from Dave Filoni.

Newsarama puts up the conclusion of their Dave Filoni interview about season 2 and making the show. In brief: More independent episodes, a broader view of the war, more clone-centric episodes, no Yoda-centric episodes, Corey Burton does awesome villain voices, etc.

The show is proving its success with posts of double-digit gains in kid demographics from this time last year, according to The younglings, especially boys, are watching.

Meanwhile, has a roundtable discussion on last week’s ‘Children of the Force.’