The Clone Wars: Give me “Liberty of Ryloth” …

Time for the finale of the Ryloth three-part story on The Clone Wars tonight! In “Liberty of Ryloth”, Mace Windu steps into the spotlight as he seeks to liberate the capital of Ryloth from the Seps – and to do so, he’s going to need the help of the Twi’lek freedom fighter, Cham Syndulla.

  • takes a peek at the plot. Is it Mace who should be called “The Negotiator”?
  • Check out the online preview comic for “Liberty of Ryloth”: The Ballad of Cham Syndulla. Now with sonnets!
  • Bonnie gets a few questions answered from Matthew Wood as the voice of Wat Tambor in “Say Wat?

Going back to last week’s episode, “Innocents of Ryloth”, we got a few more reviews to for you. Listen to reviewing podcasts from TF.N’s Force-cast Roundtable and EU Cantina’s We Talk Clones.

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  1. I’m guessing that Wat gets released, paroled or escapes as he’s one of Vader’s victims on Mustafar. Otherwise, a pretty good episode. I’m all in favor of SW:TCW getting away from Obi, Ani and Ahsucka and exploring other non-central-character stories.

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