The Clone Wars audience continues to grow

Turner has released its recent viewership for its different cable channels, including Cartoon Network, and no surprise that The Clone Wars continues to grow in its audience.

Compared to this time last year, the show, TCW has increased its hold of kids 6-11 by 34%, but has really grown in the 9-14 age range, by 83%. No word on how many adults are also watching, although I do feel the urge to buy more Nerf and Lego toys while eating Fruity Pebbles. Last week’s overall viewership according to other reports is 1.8 million viewers, beating out other Friday night cable fare as Merlin, The Soup, and Say Yes to the Dress, tying one ESPN NBA game broadcast but losing to two Disney channel shows and a later NBA game.

2 Replies to “The Clone Wars audience continues to grow”

  1. The size of the audience is interesting to consider when comes to matters of EU continuity. Compare the millions of kids who think Mandalore is X to the thousands of people who think Mandalore is Y.


  2. So what’s going to happen to those millions of “Mandalore = X” kids-grown-into-twentysomethings when it’s later revealed that Mandalore, as shown in the 4-D smellovision edition of Attack of the Clones is really Z?

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