The Clone Wars as a season, why little boys like Star Wars and more…

The Clone Wars: Storm Over Ryloth

Several reviewers have summed up their opinions after seeing a whole season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. IGN gives it a 7.7 out of 10, saying “it has a ton of great action and adventure, is increasingly great to look at, and has had some surprisingly effective character moments.”, calling out ‘Rookies’, ‘Cloak of Darkness’ and ‘Trespass’ among their favorite episodes. Ki-Aaaron-Mundi blogs about the impressive first season on his blog, pointing out the good, the bad, and the ugly. Lazypadawan highlights the sophistication of the writing, and the great new characters.

Reviews are also coming in for the Star Wars: The Clone Wars DVD – A Galaxy Divided (containing 4 episodes containing 4 episodes: the Yoda-centric ‘Ambush’ and the Malevolence three-parter). IGN also panned it for weak episodes and no extras – good for kids, but adults should wait for the full season 1 release. SWCloneWarsReviews sums it up: the reviewer bought the DVD so you don’t have to.

Meanwhile, takes a look at the latest issue of the UK’s The Clone Wars comic/magazine. EUCantina reported on briefly seeing “The Force Unleashed – Special Edition” on Gamefly, releasing at the end of September.

And the Washington Post’s Parenting blog looks at Star Wars and other kid obsessions, keying off of a Slate article by Emily Bazelon on why Star Wars resonates with little boys.

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  1. I saw that article on Slate earlier today! I normally like Bazelon’s articles, but the emphasis on “little boys” kind of peeved me.

  2. You know, I bet an entrepreneurial soul could take the whole season and edit it into a fairly decent movie. I mean, it’s just a collection of battles for the most part. And honestly, even the shows were better than the film.

    I’m still pissed they had to ruin the Cad Bane episode with the Leslie Jordan, Eric Cartman lovechild Ziro the Hutt. What a horrible, horrible character that is.

  3. didn’t like the Slate article. why does she have to refer to the movies as poison, and that it was a parenting mistake to show them to her kids? hmmph

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