The Clone Wars announcement: Aftermath!

IMAGE: The Clone Wars

Well, by now you ought to be aware of last night’s big news: The Clone Wars is making a stop at theaters in August before airing on TV this fall.

New info: Warner Brothers will be releasing the film.

The press hopped on quickly, with Empire, Sci-Fi Wire, Entertainment Weekly, and BusinessWeek among those running the story. The Associated Press may or may not jump on the bandwagon before production starts in earnest on tomorrow’s papers… Even TFN finally posted it. (I wonder how many times that article will get updated by August?)

As for your general internet reaction, initial io9 and Metafilter commentors are less than impressed. Oh, lapsed fans, you so cranky… Poor babies. There there. Remember, you don’t have to give him money.

4 Replies to “The Clone Wars announcement: Aftermath!”

  1. You deserve an internet and some cookies for reading io9. I can’t bring myself to even read the blog, let alone the comments.

  2. Most of the time I don’t have any huge issues with it. I read a good chunk of Gawker properties.

    I used to be a big Metafilter reader, too…

  3. “Remember, you don’t have to give him money.”

    Word. They act like George Lucas is going to send a Sith Lord to their house if they don’t go see it or something. There’s been whining on LJ, too. At least wait until the film is released to let the hatred flow, ffs.

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