Thanks, Leonard…You live long and prosper, as well

Leonard Nimoy (do I need to remind you he played Spock in Star Trek?) recently announced his retirement.  The LA Times is posting video from one of his last appearances over the next few days.

Having heard him speak at Dragon*Con, I’m sure it’ll be… fascinating.  (Sorry.  I had to go there.)

Here’s hoping he’ll still get a kick out of going to cons….

One Reply to “Thanks, Leonard…You live long and prosper, as well”

  1. Met him last year here in the UK. Never saw him at a convention sadly (managed all the other original crew other than De Kelley) and was thrilled to get the chance to shake his hand and say ‘thanks’.
    Meeting the Shat in a few weeks and plan to do the same.
    Star Wars is in my blood, but got a lot of love for Star Trek.

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