Ten years of Attack of the Clones

There's nothing quite  like half a theater breaking out into 'the hills are alive.'

…It’s been a decade since Anakin and Padme frolicked in the hills of Naboo. Over at Big Shiny Robot, Bryan Young shares his reflections of the movie and the birth of his son. Less seriously, check back at our Tumblr for a few irreverant AOTC related-items throughout the day.

In the meantime: What are your Attack of the Clones memories?

18 Replies to “Ten years of Attack of the Clones

  1. My older cousin saw the movie about a week before I did. The only thing he would tell me was that Yoda was “bad”. But with no context and an overexcited mind, I took it “bad” to mean “evil”, not “badass”. I was confused and distressed, because how could the same Yoda we see in the OT be evil in the prequels? Eventually, it all made sense.

  2. This was the only prequel I was able to see with Club Jade, and it was AMAZING. And hilarious.

    (“Where are his hands?” – Deet)

    Totally worth the four-day drive from Michigan to Vegas. (With my father. In a pickup truck.)

  3. Yoda using a lightsaber is right up there on the list of most memorable moments from that movie, followed by completely rethinking my views on Boba Fett’s early years when he appeared as a 10 year old.

  4. This movie is still my favorite movie-going experience. It was my first midnight show at the Pleasure Island theatre, which is huge. I went with a group of friends who were all as excited as I was to see the movie. (Because JEDI! LOTS OF JEDI!) The crowd was fantastic: they cheered and laughed at all the right parts, but then immediately got quiet. I’ll never forget the cheers that erupted just from seeing Mace Windu’s feet, and hearing Yoda’s walking stick click against the floor of the hangar and you know that shit is about to get real. (Best thing I did leading up to that movie? Not watch the leaked scenes of the Yoda fight. I think I sat on the edge of the seat with my chin in my hands laughing and saying “oh my god” the entire time.)

    So yeah, while I cringe at the romance parts now, I still look back fondly on that movie.

    Thank the Maker they fixed Ewan’s hair for RotS though, right?

  5. My dad won passes to go see a screener the night before it came out. We had a blast; we got to hang out with some of the people waiting in line for the midnight showing, and I got my picture taken with someone dressed as Darth Maul, which was mind-blowing to me at the time. I enjoyed the movie, but I was in high school and I think I was pretty much in the target audience for all the prequels. There were a few people in the crowd dressed up, and after that I KNEW that I wanted to dress up for the midnight premiere of ROTS.

  6. I remember buying a huge bag of Skittles before I went into the cinema. Unfortunately, it was tough to open, and so I inadvertantly scattered them across the entire theatre when I finally tore them open. Since then I’ve always insisted on buying Skittles to watch a Star Wars film, and being more careful with them.

    I also remember getting to the end (specifically the bit where Dooku and Sidious meet up) and thinking “man, I can’t believe I have to wait 3 years for the next film. I need to watch it now!”

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