Teaser: The Last Airbender

This is the SuperBowl spot for the other Avatar, and the one I am actually kind of legitimately looking forward to now. (Needs more Zuko, but still.) Don’t you dare screw this up, Shyamalan. Watch it in HD and see if you can spot Appa. (via)

(Is that who I think it is on voiceover?)

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  1. He’s already screwed it up badly enough that I won’t be seeing it.

    The Avatar TV show features a multicultural–and completely nonwhite–cast. The four kingdoms are based very obviously on Tibet, China, Japan, and the Inuits.

    So of course it makes perfect sense that the entire cast of the movie is white.

    oh, except for the villain. He’s allowed to be brown.

    And when challenged, good ol’ M. Night was ready with an entire BINGO! card full of excuses, including my personal favorite: “we were casting for talent.” That’s right: a major motion picture with a budget big enough for more CG than God wasn’t able to find any talented actors of color. And they’re using that as evidence that they’re not racist.

    Oh, and if that’s not enough, they just put out a trailer in which the series’ narrator only appears for three frames. Huddled in the arms of a big strong man.


  2. I am very, very psyched for this movie. This trailer shows that visually it’s very, very in line with the tv show. If they get the characterizations right, this is going to be absolutely awesome.

  3. This is a very awesome trailer and I think it will change a lot of peoples minds. Evidently some people (cough-Annalee-cough) are stuck on the ridiculous race thing.

  4. Izikavazo, don’t insult other posters. This isn’t the first time, and I’m reaching the end of my rope.

    The race thing is a valid concern, and Shyamalan (His financers? The studio?) made a big misstep there. It gives me pause, but on the other hand… I want to see this movie.

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