Poll results: Women of the Expanded Universe

Last week we asked which ladies you want to see more of the the EU spotlight. No surprise that you wanted more of the women who already get a share: Jaina, Leia, and Mara came in with 32%. After them, two ladies who first came to our attention in the Rogue books, Iella (29%) and Mirax (27%.) Then, two ladies who have served as secret mates to some of our heroes: Tenel Ka and Padme tied at 26%. Winter put up a good fight with 24%, and bringing up the rear are Asajj (18%,) Mon Mothma (16%,) Shada (14%,) Other (11%) and various handmaidens (9%.)

The poll is closed, but comments are still open on the entry if you still want to have a say.

Poll: Let’s vote more women into the EU spotlight

Nomi Sunrider / Tales of the JediI don’t know if it’ll work, but we can certainly try. While the novels thus far have mainly featured Leia, Jaina, and Mara (with varying results) it looks like the field may be widening for female protagonists who aren’t major movie characters, married to major movie characters, or children of major movie characters. (And is Padme really persona non grata for EU fans?)

Still, it’s been confirmed that we’re finally getting a Nomi Sunrider novel, and fans are betting that the ‘holostar’ novel from Reaves and Bohnhoff will feature Wynssa Starflare. Which leads us to our next poll… Continue reading “Poll: Let’s vote more women into the EU spotlight”