Videos, videos, everywhere!

Well, I was planning on holding onto these for Monday, but thanks to your Defamers and Boing Boings, they’re all over the web.

First up, George Lucas’ Singin’ in the Rain, by the folks who brought you Brokeback to the Future and X-Men-3:The Last Standing Ovation. Watch it now – it’s already been removed from Youtube at the request of humorless Warner Bros. goons. Or maybe it’ll show up at the Chocolate City Cake site along with its other infringing brethern. Special thanks to Bonnie, who first sent me the original link.

Our other selection is a seven-year-old Wilhelm scream compilation video made by pre-LFL (right?) Pablo Hidalgo for the Star Wars Fanboy Association (not to be confused with SFWA. Stupid sexy acronyms.) Found via Dan Wallace in Pablo’s own comments.