Filk Friday

This week, we revisit the summer of 1999, a time of excitment in Star Wars fandom, with the release of the first SW film in 16 years. Buzz was flying, hype was, er, hyping, and we were all still too excited about getting new Star Wars to yet fully acknowledge how much there was wrong with TPM. Whether victimized by the hype or actually enjoying the film, the Star Ladies of Club Jade were certainly Livin’ La Vida Lucas, as depicted here by CJ costuming guru Caitlin, aka JainaMSolo.

In additional Weird Al news, the video for “Don’t Download This Song” (the first single off his upcoming album Straight Outta Lynwood), can be seen here (thanks, Phil!).

Filk Friday bonus

In earlier Weird Al news, there was some confusion regarding permission from the artist regarding on of the songs now cut from his upcoming album.

In accordance with the label’s request that the single not be on his new album, it is instead available for free download.

Filk Friday

This week’s featured filk is a Club Jade classic, one of our earliest and most memorable filks, leaving CJers singing it to themselves for months after DC Con in 1998. The video for Madonna’s 1984 hit “Material Girl” was itself a tribute/satire, so it’s only fitting that it be filked in turn, and that Imperial Girl, written by Jennifer Quail (aka TIE Pilot), be sung from the point of view of the most materialistic members of the Star Wars galaxy.

In other novelty music news, “Weird” Al Yankovic‘s new album Straight Outta Lynwood is only a month away, due for release on September 26. Never one to miss out a comic opportunity, he’s made his first single “Don’t Download This Song” available for, well, download here.

Video Monday

This week’s highlight – Stephen Colbert visits California’s 6th district, aka Lucas country. Mace Windu is not impressed.

We Didn’t Start the Fandom, a Harry Potter fandom filk. Probably doesn’t make much sense if you’re not in the fandom or reading Fandom Wank, but trust me, it’s pretty funny if you know what they’re talking about.

The old school Ewok song, acoustic on Craig Kilborn. It’s a sing-a-long!

Weird Al performs ‘Yoda’ live. S-O-D-A!

Second preview for upcoming season of BSG.
Younglings in the kitchen.
Star Wieners – Part 1, Part 2.
‘Mos Eisley’ rap video.
Yoda and Obi Wan Love Porn.
Classic Clip: Bea Arthur sings!

Video Monday

All the featured videos this week are… songvids! And not a one of them is Evanescence.

Weird Al’s ‘Jerry Springer’ proves to be a pretty good match for the saga. Who knew?

Palpatine does it his way. I really want to see this done with the punk version, too.

‘La Vie Boheme’ from Rent done up Harry Potter style. A bit slow to start, but it made me laugh out loud a couple times. (Thanks to Ruby for the find!)

Cute French candy commercial.
Jonathan Rinzler talks about Art of ROTS.
Vader is an smartass.
Classic Clip: Trooper Clerks.