Gearing up for the second season of The Clone Wars

Here’s some of the top picks out of the media build-up for Friday’s premiere of the second season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars (8 PM EST/PST on Cartoon Network – 1 hour):

Some of the reports coming from The Clone Wars press event held at LucasFilm Animation:

Meanwhile, Geekdad at Wired talks up what the new season means in his household, and mentions that Seth Green will be doing the voice of Cad Bane’s droid, Todo 360.

And of course, gets busy:

EUbits: FOTJ audio, TOR’s Threat of Peace, Dark Horse one-shots & previews, Holostar

Fate of the Jedi: Hard up for something even after the panel video? Well, you can listen to an audiobook sample of Abyss at Random House now. Seems to be the same section we got a peek at in Omen. (Thanks to Zee Zee.)

The Old Republic. I’m pretty sure I missed blogging that the second part of the TOR webcomic is well underway. (The gaming is always the first to go.)

Dark Horse. Randy Stradley reveals the one-shots on the boards. (via) And also lost in the shuffle, several previews: The Clone Wars #8, Knights of the Old Republic #44, Legacy #39 and Dark Times #14.

Holostar. Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff talks the title of her book… But no reveal of who the holostar is yet.