Warehouse 13 gets renewed for six-episode final season

warehouse-13-season-2-promoIt looks like Warehouse 13 is getting renewed and canceled at the same time: the Syfy show will be getting a fifth and final season for 2014, but that season will be severely abbreviated: six episodes to wrap everything up.

Entertainment Weekly calls it a cancel but The Wrap calls it a renewal. Sci Fi Stream goes a bit further in depth and examines the viewership, and the previous hopes that the series would be the one to break the five-season curse of the Syfy channel (No original scripted show has lasted more than five seasons on the network). Currently, the show just recently started the second half of season four.

I’ve been a fan of Warehouse 13 from the start – it’s a fantastic show with great characters and a cool world, and it doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s also one of the few shows I’ve found recently that not only casts women in a majority of the main character roles (Myka, Claudia, Leena, Mrs. Frederick to Pete, Artie, and Jinx) but also shows all the characters as positive and competent but still human. While it started off as fairly light and it still maintains that bit of comedy, it also has gotten a bit more serious in the past season or two, with some major character drama. In the more recent seasons, they’ve brought on a cavalcade of well known sci-fi actors as guest stars (like Kate Mulgrew, James Marsters, and Lindsay Wagner), but the core of the show is “snag it, bag it and tag it” with wacky artifacts that wreak havoc (and sometimes global destruction) when in the wrong hands.

It’s sad that Warehouse 13 will be coming to an end, but at least it won’t be coming to an abrupt end – that the show’s creators will have a chance to give a somewhat proper ending for the enjoyable characters and the mythology of the show. Having Syfy produce six episodes to wrap it up is certainly better than say, unspecified (and not likely to be aired) ‘bonus content’ for Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Syfy brings a triple dose of Christmas cheer with Eureka, Warehouse 13, and Haven?!

Eureka and Warehouse 13 are returning for another round of holiday warm fuzzy episodes tonight on Syfy, and Haven is joining them with its first Christmas episode as well. Eureka ends up animated (in multiple styles from stopmotion to anime, no less) with snowman ninjas, polar bears, and more. Warehouse 13 gives agent Pete Lattimer the It’s a Wonderful Life treatment (Don’t worry about how this fits with the season 3 ending!). And Christmas comes to the weird town of Haven — in the middle of summer.

And being Syfy, there’s also some holiday specials from their other staples: Ghost Hunters on December 7, and an original movie on December 10: Snowmageddon. Over Christmas, the channel will be running marathons of several shows, including Merlin and Being Human, while they will ring in 2012 with their annual marathon of Twilight Zone.