Dark Horse for November

Appearing on the Dark Horse site today, several November comics: Legacy #18, Dark Times #9, Knights of the Old Republic #23 and a KOTOR handbook.

Also: Another Boba Fett hardcover (how many of these things are there?), the first Dark Times collection and a ROTS photo comic I’ve given up trying to understand the whole Boba Fett phenomenon, but can someone explain to me the appeal of photo comics? Is it more than the thrill of seeing the same old photo stills and dialogue?

ETA: TFN has the actual solicitations, which include… A hardcover of Union? So they’re not pretending that whole era of the EU doesn’t exist? Shocking!

Duke and Tara wipe out the competition

In the latest issue of Bantha Tracks, Union is topping the comic Top Ten list, with Tales of the Jedi trailing behind. Not being Dark Horse’s biggest fan (Tales! Tales! Damn my non-voting self!) I blame our very own Paula, who got quoted. Or maybe not. ;)

Not that Union is the worst thing DH has ever done or anything, but… well. Maybe it’s just my knee-jerk reaction to the series’ awful, awful covers. You can pander to the females without making it look like a romance novel folks – it’s okay.

That and more smushy stuff in the latest edition of Bantha Tracks.