Star Wars in Concert treks on

Photo by thornmonkey @ flickr / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0Star Wars: In Concert has continued to wind its way through the country, leaving lots of local press coverage in its wake: Salt Lake City, Oklahoma City. Dallas, Tulsa, Houston, Tampa, Philadelphia, and Charlotte. (Anthony Daniels was no slouch either.) And don’t forget Paula’s review!

The show will be in New Haven on Tuesday, and Toledo got an early jump on things by profiling the 15-year-old fan who won their prize pack. And there are a couple chances to win tickets for Detroit, Toronto, and New York.

(Picture from Cowboys Stadium by ThornMonkey)

Review: ‘Star Wars in Concert’ in Atlanta

The Empire attacks at Star Wars: In Concert in Atlanta

November 3rd was the Atlanta showing of Star Wars: In Concert.

If you’re still waiting your turn (or trying to decide if you want to spend the money on an upcoming show), it is SO worth going! I won’t spoil it. (Although really, can you spoil it?) But the multimedia is mind-blowing. The montages really make you look at the story in a different way. And hearing a live symphony so obviously well-rehearsed on the music is magical.

Anthony Daniels spins a magical tale. Yes, we all know the story. But the way he tells it is a wonderful take on the individual characters and the overarching saga. And, as anyone who has seen him at a convention knows, he knows how to work a crowd.

The only negative I would give (at least at our show) was that the micing for the choir was a bit off. Admittedly, I’m a bit of a choir snob, but there was a mic near one tenor that made him stick out SO much. (Thankfully, he was correct and in tune the whole time.) But they sounded amazing, even for all that.

Some tips:

  • Seating Recommendations – If you have yet to buy tickets (and Atlanta was only half-full, so you may not be too late), I’d go with the floor, but in the second or third section back. Too close to the stage and you won’t get the full effect of all the, um, effects. Plus, there is fire, people. Major fire. I was in the back floor section and it was hot back there!
  • If you can’t afford the lower seats, go for closer to the stage. The way it’s set up, you’ll still see everything, but still get to see some detail.
  • Get there as soon as the doors open.  – This is people-watching at its finest. I saw everything from toddlers to someone who had to be in his mid-80’s. Every five minutes or so, a kid would excitedly yell out, “Star Wars!” (And we adults happily took up the call.) There are also archive set-ups featuring stuff I have never seen at the many exhibitions I’ve been to. With the crowds, it will take a while to see them all. Plus, watching the 501st work the crowd is always amusing.
  • Save up your pennies for the store. –  There are some wonderfully clever designs to be had that don’t come across on the website. Having tried on all of my goodies, I would recommend buying up one size if you don’t like tight-fitting shirts or jackets.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  It did my little geeky heart good. I will end with a quote from my friend (and Dragon*Con Star Wars track director) Brandy Roatsey: “Every time you watch the Saga or hear the music it’s like renewing your vows and falling in love all over again!”

Media watch: Star Wars: In Concert storms the west

As Star Wars: In Concert rolls along (Los Angeles and San Jose last week,) the press has caught wind and treated us to a few articles and the traditional oh-so-inspired headline choices. So far, the biggest treatment is out of Denver, which uses the concert tour as a hinge to play the dueling franchise game. With infographics! It’s familiar territory but one can’t help but appreciate the enthusiasm.

You can expect the expected (twice) from the San Jose Mercury News, while the Sacramento Press plays it safe. Next up is the northwest, where the Seattle Times and The Oregonian both offer interviews with Anthony Daniels. (The San Francisco Chronicle also nabbed him – on their baby blog? ) Don’t expect much from the east coast or midwest yet (it’s football season,) but Toledo and Cleveland have nods.

Of course CNN, being CNN, got George.