Dark Horse solicitations for June 2009

Fog? On Tatooine? Who knew!StarWars.com has the June 09 comic teases. The Legacy blurb is of particular interest, given yesterday’s John Ostrander and Jan Duursema interview:

When word reaches Moff Nyna Calixte that Imperial convoys are being attacked by Black Sun Pirates, she sends her daughter, “Gunner” Yage, and Gunner’s squadron of crack fighter pilots to intervene. But what neither of them knows is that the pirates themselves are under attack by other pirates — Cade Skywalker and the crew of the Mynock.

Despite his victory over Emperor Darth Krayt, Cade is still the galaxy’s most-wanted criminal, and Gunner’s squad is itching for another shot at him! Longtime readers: You can see what’s coming, right?

That’s Legacy #37, which kicks off the ‘Tatooine’ storyline. Also solicited are Knights of the Old Republic #42, (featuring The Rocketeer?) Dark Times #15 and new Omnibus, Menace Revealed, featuring a hodgepodge of stuff set between The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones.

EUbits: Deathtroopers, comics, new short story

The hype continues. Joe Schreiber reports that that the first look at Deathtroopers got over 50,000 page views. It’s officially big on the internet! (Plus he’ll be at NYCC this weekend with some extremely unofficial swag – the book’s soundtrack.)

Meanwhile, we have another sighting: Literary agent Colleen Lindsay, with nothing but praise.

EUbits: February comics, Mad Wars, Sean Williams

Star Wars: Adventures Volume 1: Han Solo and the Hollow Moon of KhoryaDark Horse’s February/April solicitations, includes our first look at Star Wars: Adventures Volume 1: Han Solo and the Hollow Moon of Khorya (the April part of the equation,) as well as Legacy #33, Knights of the Old Republic #38, The Clone Wars #4 and an Emissaries and Assassins omnibus.

  • Bonnie interviews Jonathan Bresman, Senior Editor of MAD Kids, about their upcoming Clone Wars cover. Alas, doesn’t address my burning question of how a kid’s version of Mad magazine is not epically redundant.
  • Radio: Sean Williams will be on ABC Radio National’s The Book Show next Tuesday. That’s Australian ABC, but a podcast version will be posted for the rest of the world.

Looking ahead: December comics, Insider

StarWars.com has Dark Horse’s solicitations for December 2009, including the Vector finale (aka Legacy #31,) The Clone Wars #3, Knights of the Old Republic #36, the fifth Legacy collection and a couple of Indiana Jones titles.

Coming to stores a bit sooner (September 16th) is Star Wars Insider #104 with a heavy focus on (of course) The Clone Wars and The Force Unleashed. Other content? A look back at Star Tours, the Holiday Special and an interview with Dennis Muren.