Finding Sanctuary on SciFi

The best part about shows with names like this is that you can make horribly annoying subject lines for quite a while with them.

At any rate, the first trailer is up for Sanctuary. This was the first attempt to sell a series strictly online and using fan interaction to help shape the story. Sadly, they just couldn’t make the model work financially. But it was enough to get SciFi to notice and pick them up as a series. So it can’t all be bad.

Series star and producer Amanda Tapping (formerly of the Stargate franchise) catches everyone up on what’s been happening with the show. A nice interview for those who watched it and those who are thinking about it.

Do Good of the Week – More auction fun!

This week’s geeky auction fun is brought to you by the Waterkeeper Alliance. Apparently there are a lot of celebrities who are supporting it, so dig on into it to see who’s offering. (Some mighty cool vacation opportunities, as well!)

Of geek interest:

How did they score so much geek cred? One of the organization’s biggest supporters is Richard Dean Anderson. He MacGyvered them into it, I’m sure.

Thanks to James and The Browncoats for the heads up!

The Sanctuary is Now Open

The long-awaited original internet series Sanctuary has finally launched with the first webisode.

The series, created by ex-Stargate producer Damian Kindler, stars Amanda Tapping (Sam Carter) and Christopher Heyerdahl (Halling), and features guest appearances by Stargate Atlantis actors David Hewlett (Rodney McKay) and Paul McGillion (Carson Beckett).

The first few webisodes are free. Afterwards, there will be a small subscription fee to watch the show.