From the Blogside

Chaodai shatters the myth that saying something is ‘for kids’ means you don’t have to try. Not surprisingly, The Phantom Menace comes up…

Speaking of TPM, Ryan Kaufman asks what’s up with The “Phantom” Menace?

Anakinside1 explores Anakin’s feminine side.

Master Ki-Aaron-Mundi has a theory on how Ferus Olin kicks the bucket.

Marvolo7 shares her list of the EU’s most memorable moments.

Eleventh Guard asks why is there so little NJO slash?

From the Blogside

Jedi Wampa’s treatise on the die hard fan. His State of the Fandom speech is a must-read for all blog regulars.

Sunnyskywalker is rereading Courtship of Princess Leia and taking notes. We salute your bravery, ma’am! Meanwhile, Gabri Jade analyzes Bantam whipping-book Children of the Jedi.

Snarky taglines for popular movies from The Jay.

Kenobi-fan rises to the challenge with entries on moonlighting mercenaries and dust cavities.

In the land of VIPs, Don Bies addresses the sale of ILM’s model unit and other fun and games, Aaron Allston is inducted into a gaming Hall of Fame, Pablo Hidalgo reviews Dead Man’s Chest, and Ryan Kaufman wonders if Luke would listen to Nirvana.

From the Blogside

David Louis Edelman on The Day The Empire Strikes Back Changed Everything.

The Infinite Force has some thoughts on the release of the unaltered original trilogy. So does Jkthunder. And Dan Wallace.

Darth Rex0 considers the Dark Side

Lord_Noctifer ponders The Tragical History and Romantic Redemption of Anakin Skywalker.

Averii compiles a list of Moments when I love the EU: Old Republic and Prequel edition. In a similiar vein, how about a collection of the slash-leaning bits from Matthew Stover’s Revenge of the Sith novelization?

Meanwhile, on the VIP end of things…

Don Bies on how R2-D2: Beneath the Dome came to be.

Pete Vilmur lets us know that if you’re in prison, you can’t get a Fan Club kit. That kind of sucks. But considering I finally got my Insider today, there’s always a chance that by the time the kit comes around, the next guy will have served his sentence.