Rest in Peace, Richard LeParmentier

LeParmentier as General MottiWord has spread quickly through the fan community that Richard LeParmentier, who played Admiral Conan Motti in Episode IV, has died.

Those who can’t quite place who Admiral Motti is will know him as the first guy Vader force chokes in A New Hope. He often told the story that his ability to make his neck do strange things was what garnered him that awesome moment that probably freaked out every little kid just that much more about Darth Vader.

Admiral Motti was made even more famous when George Lucas jokingly gave him the first name of Conan while on the Conan O’Brien Show.

He could be found at many different conventions, regaling everyone with stories of his time in show business. He loved Star Wars fandom and getting to interact with them.

Jaders Bryan Young and Janine Spendlove knew him well and have written a lovely tribute to him.