Everyone’s black and blue in tonight’s Clone Wars

The Clone Wars: Jedi Crash

What can you expect from tonight’s ‘Jedi Crash?’ Well, it co-stars famed comic export Aayla Secura. (She’s… French?) And some injury bonding for Anakin and Ahsoka. Check out the latest webcomic, ‘Headgames,’ for a quick preview.

Expanded Universe art from Terese Nielsen

IMAGE: Luke miniature packaging by Terese NielsenTerese Nielsen talks about creating box art for the Legacy of the Force miniature line, and gives us a nice look at Rebellion-inspired Luke Skywalker in battle armor piece. (Looks like the art director got mixed-up with all this redundant naming – that’s not Legacy. This is Legacy.)

This is currently the only Star Wars post on her blog, but you can get a closer look at the finished artwork and some of Nielsen’s other Star Wars work at her DeviantArt.