NYCC ’08: Sansweet talks live-action with MTV

The new show will reveal the greasy, seamy underbelly of Star Wars,” Steve Sansweet told MTV at New York Comic Con yesterday. That lends a little more weight to the “Deadwood meets The Sopranos” rumors… Also, a bit on the production schedule:

Sansweet said the initial writers of the show have been selected and “they’ve had their first couple sessions working with George and [producer] Rick [McCallum].” So when can we expect all of this? “We’ll see it in production probably sometime in 2009. Hopefully the series will be on by 2010,” said Sansweet.

I’m just on my way out the door, but I’ll be updating our live-action roundup post later tonight.

NYCC ’08: Robot Chicken: Star Wars DVD details

IGN reports a few Star Wars tidbits from the Robot Chicken panel:

IMAGE: Robot Chicken: Star Wars DVD

  • The Robot Chicken: Star Wars DVD will contain two hours of bonus materials.
  • And seven commentary tracks!
  • The Star Wars special took them fourteen weeks to prepare – an entire season (20 episodes) generally takes eleven months.

The DVD comes out May 20th.

Saturday @ NYCC ’08: And all the rest

So it seems that Seth Green had the biggest Star Wars news today… But Cinematical has pictures from the New York Comic Con, including one from Steve’s panel and several out-and-about troopers. Keep an eye on the nycc and newyorkcomiccon tags on Flickr for more shots.