Video Monday: What’s a Nubian?

The highlight of this week’s Youtube adventure was the entire Kevin Smith hosted episode of Party for Five, featuring Jason Lee, Stan Lee, Mark Hamill and JJ Abrams: part I, part II, part III. Part II is where the Star Wars stuff is: Hamill also talks about his Batman voice work in the third. I suggest watching the whole thing, though.

I love Kevin Smith movies, but this scene is the only part of Chasing Amy you’ll ever need to see. And I still haven’t seen Clerks 2, but here’s the Star Wars vs. Lord of the Rings scene (with Marshall from Alias!) And, what the hell – I know you want to see Cocknocker. Or just go for the digest version. If you need me to tell you that none of these clips should be watched in mundane public due to language, please turn in your geek card.

Filk Friday

Monday, September 25 will be Mark Hamill‘s birthday, so in honor of everyone’s favorite farmboy turned jedi, this week’s featured filk is written as sung by Luke on the Bespin gantry. Father of Mine is one of my favorite Luke filks and introduced me to one of my now-favorite bands, Everclear. Find more filks from authors Yav and Trace in the Filk Archive.

And don’t forget, Weird Al‘s new album comes out next Tuesday and catch his new video White and Nerdy!

Up with People

Ewan McGregor and family adopt a 4 year-old girl from Mongolia.

Variety blogger Army Archerd interviews Mark Hamill and gets the scoop on some oh his upcoming projects.

Natalie Portman is being tracked all over Toronto, where she’s filming Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium. The blog in question, Jaunted, claims the updates aren’t in real time, but still, kinda over-the-top.

No less weird, but not quite so creepy: The piano for a track on James Blunt’s album was recorded in Carrie Fisher’s bathroom.

I will not be an enabler!

Not so, I lie!

Comic Continuum has pictures of James Marsters from Smallville’s next (October 20th) episode. They also have a description of the October 27th episode, which has Carrie Fisher guest starring as the editor of The Daily Planet.

(I’ve heard Smallville is really, really awful this year, but what else is new? It can’t be any worse than The O.C., right? Please, someone tell me I’m right.)

In other SW guest star news, Comic Continuum also reported that Mark Hamill will be voicing the Trickster on an upcoming episode of Cartoon Network’s Justice League Unlimited. Hamill infamously played the Trickster in the short lived live-action Flash TV show starring Dawson’s dad, and (of course) voiced the Joker for Batman: The Animated Series. I’d link pictures, but you’re probably off just renting Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back for your Hamill-in-spandex fix.

Hamill to play Joker?

The Internet Movie Database reports that Mark Hamill is in the running to play the Joker in the sequel to “Batman Begins.”

The actor, who played Luke Skywalker in Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi, has become a fan favorite to play Batman’s colorful foe. He joins Crispin Glover and Aussie actor Lachy Hulme on the three-strong internet shortlist.

Hamill became an obvious choice for some Batman fans after voicing The Joker for the Batman cartoon series. A spokesman for top Batman website Darkhorizons.Com points out, “The net basically picked Christian Bale to play Batman, so who knows.” Batman Begins opens across America and Europe this week.

In the news: George Lucas loos back at Star Wars, his future for the original trilogy characters

Associated Press has a look back at George, touting that he’s glad to leave Star Wars behind: “Lucas’ accomplishments marked a one-of-a-kind revolution. He sneaked into a Hollywood that no longer had the verve or nerve to make the weird, giddy, goofy Saturday matinees of his youth.”

MTV interviews George Lucas: “Han and Leia probably did get married,” Lucas conceded. “They settled down. She became a senator, and they got a nice little house with a white picket fence. Han Solo is out there cooking burgers on the grill. Is that a movie? I don’t think so.”

MSNBC catches up with Hayden Christensen: “It was absolutely overwhelming, just from the aspect of getting to act behind a mask,” Christensen said. “That is a very freeing position to act from, and to have that mask be the mask of Darth Vader is extremely empowering.”

Even Mark Hamill can’t escape the frenzy: “And I said, ‘There’s no way this will fail’ because it’s got a sense of humor. It’s the key element that most science fiction films don’t have, which is a sort of arch sense of humor. Now, we’re playing it completely straight, but it’s inherently absurd. I mean, I can’t tell you how much we laughed on the set to have Alec Guinness in a scene with a big, furry dog that’s flying a space ship.”

Universes collide on cover of “Vanity Fair”

The cover of the next “Vanity Fair” will feature Uncle George amidst the casts of all six movies. It hits newsstands on January 11th.

You can see the whole picture here (with some character spoilers). Um… wow!

There’s an article here with spoilers ahoy!

Thanks to Ewan News and ComingSoon for the great information.

ETA: has posted another look at the cover image, and an interview with Vanity Fair contributing editor Jim Windolf about talking to Lucas. Possible spoilers!