In the news: Live-action something, maybe; George; Amira Sa’id; Happy Meals; Mark Hamill

Rumorville: Perth Now is reporting that the music for a Star Wars TV series filmed in Sydney that “could have 400 half-hour episodes” (umm…) will be recorded in Perth by Malcolm Luker. Okay then! Of course, George Lucas (or a good impersonator) was spotted down under last week. I guess we’ll get the full story (or not) in November.

Video: Mark Hamill talks stunts… and politics

Yes, this is one of a series of videos from Point Park University where Hamill is basically campaigning for Barak Obama. In the interest of political neutrality (CJers are all over the map) the one up top has very little political content and really is mostly about stunts. (And gorillas.) You can watch the rest here, here, and here. There’s Star Wars/family/career stuff throughout. (via)