The fandom minute: Felicia Day, Kristen Bell, space, Jedi and discounted alcoholic beverages

dayFelicia Day gets her saber on. The internet geek superstar (you probably know her from The Guild, and Dr. Horrible) can check another box on her ultimate geek list by appearing in an internet lightsaber fight.

Kristen Bell teams up with hometown 501s. The Fanboys actress helped the the Great Lakes Garrison raise $2,000 for Michigan charities.

Those look familiar. Check out what they’re building on the International Space Station. Go go science fact!

Jedi church looking for a Master. Too easy. Way too easy.

Drink up. Discount code for Skywalker Ranch wine.

TV Goodness

A few, small TV tidbits to share:

– SciFi has finally announced what everyone else seems to have known for a while now: Paul McGillion is back on Stargate Atlantis.

Kristen Bell is rumored to be heading on over to Lost

– Can Heroes live up to expectations in Season 2?

– Ron Moore decides to stay on with NBC Universal a little longer, but not so much with the sci-fi.

Flash Gordon not only shows promise, but already gets a DVD. We’ll have to see. I’m kinda fond of that 80’s cheesy version.

‘Braveheart’ style? Oh dear…

Kristen Bell talks about Veronica Mars with AOL. Mentions Fanboys:

It’s kind of like ‘Swingers’ for nerds because it’s about these four awesome guys who are ‘Star Wars’-obsessed and they drive cross-country to break into [George] Lucas’ ranch to steal the final episode. It’s so funny. There’s a scene where there’s a full-on war between Trekkies and the ‘Star Wars’ kids, ‘Braveheart’ style. I’ll be shooting on the weekends for six weeks. It’s going to be a big workload, but I wasn’t willing to turn the part down because it was such a great script.