The Death Watch returns to The Clone Wars with ‘A Friend in Need’

The Mandalorian Death Watch returns in ‘A Friend in Need,’ tonight’s episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. As mentioned all the way back around Comic-Con last year, Katee Sackhoff will be voicing one of the Mandos, Boca Raton Bo-Katan. Jon Favreau returns to his role voicing Pre Viszla. The episode will focus mostly on Ahsoka coming to the aid of her Separatist friend, Lux Bonteri, who has gotten himself in over his head with Count Dooku, as shown in the second clip, below.

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Filoni: Katee Sackhoff to voice in The Clone Wars

IMAGE: Katee SackhoffDave Filoni has revealed to Entertainment Weekly that Katee Sackhoff, best know for her role as Starbuck in Battlestar Galactica will be coming to Star Wars: The Clone Wars in season four.

He also talks about having multi-episode arcs, bringing Walter Murch to direct an episode, and the complete lack of Ben Quadinaros. Focusing on the season three finale, Filoni discusses pairing Ahsoka and Chewbacca, a cute The Big Lebowski reference, and having ramped up the action as well as character deaths.

TV Crunch Time

So many genre offerings this year, so little audience to go around. How are things going?

In the happy news category, Chuck has gotten the order for a full season. And Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is gearing up by asking for fan-made posters. And now that series 1 of Torchwood is wrapping up, the teasing begins with all the cool guest stars for series 2 (i.e., James Marsters).

In the sad news category, Journeyman appears about to leap into the Land of Cancellation. He apparently won’t be terribly lonely as Bionic Woman is about to join him. And even though all of this is speculation, at the very least, Katee Sackhoff hasn’t exactly given it much enthusiastic support on the con circuit.

Battlestar Bits

Edward James Olmos (Bill Adama) and Katie Sackhoff (Kara “Starbuck” Thrace) talk about Battlestar’s end.

Bodie Olmos (Hotdog) talks about how tough it is to be a recurring character.

Executive producer Ron Moore doesn’t seem to be focusing on that, though, and is talking about the upcoming movie.

As for future movies of this reimagining? Well, you’d best be starting to bribe Glen Larson (producer of the original) right now, because he’s not so enthused….

Go softly into the Great Mandala

So, you know that thing that happened on Sunday on Battlestar Galactica? (How do you write these things without spoiling those who have yet to watch their TiVo’d episodes?)

The actor involved in said event has given an interview to a Portland radio show where said actor says what said actor knows about said event.

TV Blend has given a convenient summary of said interview.

And the CJ Blog staff will be going to gossip-column school to learn how to write in strangely nebulous ways….