The Death Watch returns to The Clone Wars with ‘A Friend in Need’

The Mandalorian Death Watch returns in ‘A Friend in Need,’ tonight’s episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. As mentioned all the way back around Comic-Con last year, Katee Sackhoff will be voicing one of the Mandos, Boca Raton Bo-Katan. Jon Favreau returns to his role voicing Pre Viszla. The episode will focus mostly on Ahsoka coming to the aid of her Separatist friend, Lux Bonteri, who has gotten himself in over his head with Count Dooku, as shown in the second clip, below.

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Filoni: Katee Sackhoff to voice in The Clone Wars

IMAGE: Katee SackhoffDave Filoni has revealed to Entertainment Weekly that Katee Sackhoff, best know for her role as Starbuck in Battlestar Galactica will be coming to Star Wars: The Clone Wars in season four.

He also talks about having multi-episode arcs, bringing Walter Murch to direct an episode, and the complete lack of Ben Quadinaros. Focusing on the season three finale, Filoni discusses pairing Ahsoka and Chewbacca, a cute The Big Lebowski reference, and having ramped up the action as well as character deaths.