Star Trek release only hours away

Star Trek reviews are starting to flow in, and the Tomatometer has dropped to a stunning 93%. Huh.

The fandom minute: Ima Trooping; Scalzi ponders Star Wars 3-D; BOW cake; Yoda’s travels

  • Photo fun Adventures in Stormtrooping with a little help from The Simpsons, Cobra Commander, Hellboy and a very naughty Wall-E.
  • The blogside: John Scalzi theorizes that George wants to release Star Wars in 3-D to beat Gone With the Wind in the all-timers. Seems a bit of a reach to me: If that was the case, why all this waiting? Has George seen Coraline?
  • Cake: Bearded Obi-Wan is full of… Strawberry jam? I’m sure there’s a Spaceballs joke in there somewhere.
  • Travels: Yoda sees the world.

McIntyre on writing Star Trek tie-ins

Author Vonda McIntyre writes about her experience with Star Trek novels at Book View Cafe. It draws some interesting responses at Metafilter, including a lengthy one from John Scalzi.

McIntyre is not well-loved among Star Wars EU fans – her one book in this franchise, 1994’s The Crystal Star, is a regular on worst-of lists. (And let’s face it, we all overuse the Waru jokes.) But her post is certainly worth reading, and an interesting look at the early days of tie-in fiction.

Gate Geek – Author John Scalzi Creative Consultant for Universe

Joe Mallozzi has announced that author John Scalzi (Old Man’s War, The Android’s Dream) will now be a creative consultant to the new Stargate Universe series.  (Plus, the announcement includes a really delicious-looking trip to Vancouver restaurant Fuel… except for that foie gras… yuck.)

If you have read his books (and if you haven’t, why not?), this certainly hints at an interesting direction for the show.