Rebels Recon: Zero Hour

It’s another super-sized Rebels Recon for ‘Zero Hour.’ Andi chats about the episode with Carrie Beck, Dave Filoni, Joel Aron, Kilian Plunkett, Keith Kellogg, Henry Gilroy and Pablo Hidalgo. (Pablo is also back to answer a ‘Twin Suns’ question.)

Video: Mark Hamill and James Arnold Taylor chat backstage at Celebration Anaheim

Backstage at Celebration, Mark Hamill chats with James Arnold Taylor about Star Wars and shared some family photos from the Return of the Jedi set. (The Force Awakens stuff starts at 7:20. #Beardwatch!)

A bunch of other Celebration videos have gone up over the past few days as well, most pulls from the livestream, including interviews with Billy Dee Williams, Ray Park, Joel Aron, Doug Chiang and Christian Alzmann, among others. And then there’s con highlights that played during the Closing Ceremonies…

Celebrate 100 episodes of The Clone Wars with a full spread of articles

star-wars-the-clone-wars-100th-episode-510x314There’s lots of buzz out there to celebrate Star Wars: The Clone Wars hitting the 100 episode milestone! Variety magazine has got a buffet of light articles on the show:

Also, Channel Guide Magazine has a good interview with Dave Filoni on reaching the big one hundred mark, whether he would go back to special edition the original Clone Wars movie, and the change from Friday night to Saturday morning. has a big pile of quotes from the cast and crew on the occasion.

And, if you missed it, you really should check out the five minute trailer summing up the past 4.5 seasons with some peeks at what is to come (and who is noticeably missing)!