Best effects of the year?

Variety (via Hyperspace) reports that Casino Royale, Eragon, Night at the Museum, X-Men: The Last Stand, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, Poseidon and Superman Returns are finalists for the three visual effects Oscar nominee spots. ILM worked on Pirates, Posidon, and Eragon.

Is it Halloween yet?

Bonnie’s pics from this year’s ILM party. Yeah, there are a ton of awesome costumes, but my hat is off to the cardboard stormtrooper and working (?!?) digital camera.

Sabrina Fried writes her latest ‘Fried Circuits’ column about Star Wars costumes.

R2-D2 among the Northern Iowan’s last-minute costume ideas

Meanwhile, the incomparable Cleolinda has a Halloween present for her many readers: The Prestige in Fifteen Minutes

(P.S. random Googlers: Looking for the pumpkin stuff? It’s here!)