The Clone Wars review: ‘Evil Plans’

As a main character, C-3PO doesn’t exactly scream excitement.  Sure, he’ll sometimes scream, and yes, exciting things do happen to him, but it’s hard to imagine ol’ Goldenrod jumping into action. Or even just jumping, for that matter.  What we do expect from Threepio is humor.  After all, a prim and proper butler plopped into galactic warfare should be endlessly amusing — and it is, up to a point.  But is it enough to sustain a whole episode? Continue readingThe Clone Wars review: ‘Evil Plans’”

Back off, guys: It’s our turn

The Her Universe booth at Celebration V. Photo by popculturegeek @ Flickr.

Attention male Star Wars fans around the world! I say this from the bottom of my heart because us nerd girls, we love you (I should know, I have my own nerd boy). We know that you mean well and sometimes what comes out of your mouths or through the keyboard is not necessarily what you mean to say, but rather can become a bit of a mess in translation and that’s okay. Lately, it’s not. Let me tell you why. Continue reading “Back off, guys: It’s our turn”

The Clone Wars review: ‘The Academy’

Let’s be honest: so far, this hasn’t been the best season of The Clone Wars. So when an episode exceeds my expectations, as this one did, I’m stuck wondering if it’s because the bar had been lowered in the first place.  In retrospect, ‘The Academy’ is the best mystery that this show has ever done, but because the previous episode was so riddled with plot holes and inconsistencies, I wasn’t even sure that I was watching a mystery until the third act.  Still, that third act was a doozy. Continue readingThe Clone Wars review: ‘The Academy’”

The Clone Wars review: ‘Sphere of Influence’

Greedo and George

What’s the Star Wars equivalent of a Mary Sue?  Is it Lama Su?  Max Rebo Sue?  How about Baron Papanoida?  That’d be my answer, based on this most recent episode.  Of course, Mr. Lucas has never been shy about putting himself in his own stories – “Luke” is a pretty clear play on “Lucas” – but it’s never been quite this blatant before.  Not only is The Baron modeled on The Maker, but all of Papanoida’s family is based on the Lucas clan.  And this hammy bit of casting turns ‘Sphere of Influence’ into one of the laziest episodes yet. Continue readingThe Clone Wars review: ‘Sphere of Influence’”

The Clone Wars review: ‘ARC Troopers’

Everyone’s talking about the four-second deleted scene in ‘ARC Troopers,’ but nobody seems to be mentioning the other cut made by Cartoon Network.  I speak, of course, about the fortune cookie, the little blue moral that pops up at the beginning of each episode.  ‘ARC Troopers’ fortune cookie was apparently a casualty of airing two episodes back to back, and to be honest, I didn’t miss it a bit.  In fact, its absence actually helped the episode.  I was suddenly unsure of what lesson I was supposed to learn, which gave the proceedings just a little more mystery, a little more suspense.   And, weird as this sounds, I found myself trying to figure out what the actual fortune cookie might be.  I even wrote down a few guesses, starting with… Continue readingThe Clone Wars review: ‘ARC Troopers’”