Deal or No Deal: Star Wars details!

IMAGE: Deal or No DealLast month, we reported that Deal or No Deal shot a Star Wars episode. Today, we get official word and details from the blog: The Star Wars-themed Deal or No Deal episode will air April 28th on NBC and feature two fans (Elyse McCrillis and Brad Flinchum) who will compete for a two million dollar prize. Carrie Fisher also makes an appearance.

And yes, the models will be wearing Slave Leia gear – but not for the whole game! Stormtroopers (the 501st?) will be handling suitcase duty for the first half.

The Catchup: And the kitchen sink

Trivia masters rejoice: Jeopardy! added a Star Wars category today. It’s already aired here (curses!) so I have to ask: just how obsessed does one have to be to make the $1000 question laughable?

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