Rumor: Say goodbye to Galaxies?

IMAGE: Hey hey hey goodbyeSurfer Girl claims that LucasArts is going to pull the plug on the venerable Galaxies to make room for the new multiplayer:

The Artistic Lucases think that they have the only IP that can pose a serious challenge World of Warcraft and find that the setting of KOTOR is too niche to be a threat. They apparently expect the new Star War MMO to have at least three million subscribers by the end of the first year.

If KOTOR is too niche how come half of fandom won’t shut up about it?


Really, if true, the death of Galaxies may be just as well. They are clearly a very disturbed bunch of folks!

Video Monday

Ryan vs Dorkman 2. Always two there are… an internet phenomenon and a sequel. The first one stood as the crème de la crème of the copious ‘fanboys with lightsabers’ genre, and this new one is pretty good, too. It even has funny, but does get a tad graphic (for Star Wars) towards the end.

Post-Holiday Bounty

Hopefully you made out well in the holiday money gifts, this year. Because there are some companies trying to part you from your money.

Sideshow Collectibles announced the addition of 12-inch figures from Lord of the Rings.

For those still in the Star Wars arena, TheForce.Net reports that Star Wars Galaxies will be adding new features. And LucasArts apparently has a lot up its sleeve, if the rumors are to be believed.

And there is still some stock left of the Lucas Family action figure set at Grab ’em while they last!