Out this week: Nothing but the Free (Comic Book Day)

There’s only one release this week, but it isn’t until Saturday, when you can head to a participating comic shop for Free Comic Book Day. Among the offerings is a two-sided Star Wars/Firefly book from Dark Horse – no, not a crossover, just two stories. And yes, there are plenty of kid-friendly choices and they really are FREE, so bring the younglings.

Our next couple book releases are paperback reprints: Paul S. Kemp’s The Old Republic: Deceived (May 29) and Timothy Zahn’s Choices of One (June 26.)

Dark Horse teams up Star Wars, Firefly and Zack Whedon for Free Comic Book Day

No, it’s not a crossover, sadly. But you do get two-in-one: A Han and Chewbacca story shares a flip book with the Serenity folks, both tales penned by Zack Whedon (he co-wrote Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog with brothers Joss and Jed.) And Dark Horse will offer another flip book with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Guild. (via)

Free Comic Book is, as always, the first Saturday in May: This year, that means May 5, 2012. You’ll be able to find a participating comic shop near you with the Comic Shop Locator.

Catching up with The Clone Wars

There’s no new Clone Wars tonight, but there are several tidbits of news.

First off, there’s another Chewbacca video and some finale rumor dispelling (Spoilers? Sort of?) going around.

On Twitter, an actress you might recognize reveals that she’ll be voicing a character… But given the lead time on these things, I’m guessing we probably won’t hear much more until next season.

More imminent is Free Comic Book Day on May 7 and StarWars.com has a preview of Dark Horse’s Savage Opress offering. (Psst, Avatar: The Last Airbender fans… That preview is over here.)