Next on the reboot train: Highlander

One can’t make enough “There can be only one!” jokes about the franchise that no one can ever be bothered to leave for dead. (Five movies, two TV shows, and I’m probably missing something.) But no, yesterday Summit Entertainment announced they’re planning to bring new life to Highlander, and have a couple of Iron Man writers aboard to prove it.

Original producer Peter Davis is returning, but no word on how many hilariously inappropriately-accented actors they plan to cast.

ETA: Flash Gordon, too? There are clearly too many Queen fans in this business.

Eureka! There’s a 3rd Season!

In all my Stargate Atlantis renewal euphoria, I failed to realize that the announcement in Variety also included news that Eureka was getting its third season, as well. More wackiness to come!

No word on Flash Gordon, but would anyone be terribly shocked if it didn’t get renewed? It’s been struggling. And no amount of Battlestar Galactica Razor teasing seems to be able to help it.

In other TV news, Pushing Daisies is blooming with happiness over its full season order. (Why, yes. I did have to go there. Look how much I’ve used the whole eureka thing.)

SciFi Fall Lineup Announced

Time to program those TiVo’s. SciFi has put their fall line-up out for the world to see.

Stargate Atlantis will be premiering on September 28th in the Friday, 10pm timeslot. Per GateWorld, they’re actually planning to (shocker) run the season all the way through. (Dare to dream that there won’t be a six-month, ratings-plummeting break between halves!)

Battlestar Galactica geeks can take some solace that although Razor won’t premiere until November 24th, “mini-sodes” will be airing during Flash Gordon. (Hey. They have to try and salvage that show somehow!)

TV Goodness

A few, small TV tidbits to share:

– SciFi has finally announced what everyone else seems to have known for a while now: Paul McGillion is back on Stargate Atlantis.

Kristen Bell is rumored to be heading on over to Lost

– Can Heroes live up to expectations in Season 2?

– Ron Moore decides to stay on with NBC Universal a little longer, but not so much with the sci-fi.

Flash Gordon not only shows promise, but already gets a DVD. We’ll have to see. I’m kinda fond of that 80’s cheesy version.