Is it San Diego Comic Con yet?!?

SDCC 'Fate of the Jedi' poster

No. No it is not. But it will be soon, and thus details about the con are coming thick on the ground. We got the general Star Wars event schedule earlier in the week, but now gives us Del Rey’s, including some signings and giveaways like a double-sided Fate of the Jedi/Deathtroopers poster, above. (Far more tempting is the possibility of getting free copies of The Essential Atlas, The Complete Vader and The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia)

  • I’m not going to get a chance to watch/review all the Fan Movie Challenge Finalists before the Friday deadline, so consider this your reminder to head over there and vote for Audience Choice.
  • The Fan Club Breakfast ticket deadline has come and gone, but if you nabbed one, they have a plethora of raffle prizes, including one of those wacky Force Trainers.
  • The Official Pix guest list includes Mark Hamill, Edward James Olmos, several Clone Wars voice actors and some dudes from Chuck.
  • Also… Kotobukiya will be giving away stuff; The Slave Leias will be out in force.

Fan films on Comedy Central Monday night!


Atom TV on Comedy Central will have an episode dedicated to the Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge airing Monday night – actually,Tuesday morning at 2am, but that’s still Monday for me. George Lucas himself will be introducing his 2008 Selects winner, Juno spoof ‘Padme.’ Also being shown in their entirety are ‘Tarkin’ n Friends,’ ‘Chad Vader,’ ‘SW Grindhouse’ and ‘Incident At Toshi Station.’

The show will rerun in the wee hours Wednesday (12:30pm) and Thursday (2am,) and at 10am Sunday the 12th.

SDCC ’08: Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge winners

Rebelscum was reporting live from the fan film awards… Erm, Fan Movie Challenge ceremony last night. (There’s some stuff about Fanboys in there too, as well as a lot of fanboy squee.)

Here are the winners:

Congrats, everyone!

UPDATE: goes a bit more in-depth on the awards, including a transcript of the Fanboys portion of the evening.

Here comes San Diego Comic-Con

This weekend brings yet another con – the con – San Diego Comic-Con.The highlight for CJers? The Supercolossal Fan Race, of course!

  • Events: has the schedule of Star Wars events (and TFN has LucasArts) but since there’s so much going on, best to check the full schedule as well.
  • Merchandise: Zazzle will be holding a Star Wars election (with new merchandise lauching for those not at the con,) and of course Star Wars Shop will have plenty of exclusives
  • Book and comic guests: Writers Karen Traviss, Ryder Windham, Jeremy Barlow and Dan Wallace will be on hand, while artists include Chris Trevas, Chris Reiff and Tommy Lee Edwards, Travis Charest, Adam Hughes, Dustin Weaver, Dan Parsons and Matthew and Shaw Fillbach will be among the those signing. TFN scedules for the DK, Del Rey, and Dark Horse booths, while you can get Traviss’ event schedule (and subsequent book tour) on her website.
  • Fanboys: An exclusive screening will be held at the con, with 300 tickets being given away at the Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge Awards on Thursday.