The fandom minute: Collector’s marriage still a go; Luke the idiot; Sithcake; Yes, you can haz force

springfieldnewssun.comWhatever happened to the collector from Dr. Phil whose wife tried to shame him into ditching his Star Wars stuff? The Springfield News-Sun follows up. They’re still married, he still has his collection, but he did go on a diet. Score?

Living with a Nerd

After the story of the mixed marriage on Dr. Phil got so much attention, color me intrigued by this new website found by one of the folks on DGeek.

Yes. It seems that someone has started a website about how to live with a nerd called, ironically enough, Living with a Nerd.

It’s starting out a little tech heavy. But hopefully it can live up to its promise to promote peace and understanding between nerds and the mundanes they love.

Dr. Phil disses Star Wars widow

It’s a problem many mixed marriages have to deal with: how does a mundane deal with the geek’s fascination with all things Star Wars?

Well, the issue was raised to national prominence when the wife took her issue to Dr. Phil. The celeb-doc chastised our intrepid fan on the air, but then leaned over after the taping to show a bit of sympathy towards him.

Valentine’s Day is approaching, my fellow geeks. If you have a mundane as a spouse, now is the time to start thinking of something non-fandom to give them!