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Is Dollhouse in the doghouse?

It’s like deja vu all over again.  Fox has decided to place the new Whedon show Dollhouse on Fridays at 9pm, Eastern.  Fans of Firefly are probably having flashbacks to its own deadly timeslot of Fridays at 9pm.  And it’ll be in competition with Clone Wars and whatever lands on that slot on SciFi, once Stargate Atlantis is off the air.  But they’re pairing it with The Sarah Connor Chronicles, so hopefully that will help it a little.

i09 is hopeful, though, and thinks this will be Joss’ best show ever.  Think those shiny thoughts, people!

SDCC ’08: Saturday and Sunday at the con

While I don’t doubt there were still plenty of Star Wars fans still roaming around Saturday and Sunday, with most of the panels being on Friday there wasn’t much new floating around. Well, except for the Mandalorian wedding. (Oye vey.) And Cinematical posted a brief review of Fanboys. And the official site has more pictures, of course, while Rebelscum continues exhaustively documenting the booths and products of every licensee.