Dark Horse for November

Appearing on the Dark Horse site today, several November comics: Legacy #18, Dark Times #9, Knights of the Old Republic #23 and a KOTOR handbook.

Also: Another Boba Fett hardcover (how many of these things are there?), the first Dark Times collection and a ROTS photo comic I’ve given up trying to understand the whole Boba Fett phenomenon, but can someone explain to me the appeal of photo comics? Is it more than the thrill of seeing the same old photo stills and dialogue?

ETA: TFN has the actual solicitations, which include… A hardcover of Union? So they’re not pretending that whole era of the EU doesn’t exist? Shocking!

More tidbits from the publishing program

Sue reveals what potion of the Dark Times era they’re allowed – less than you might think:

The major portion of the Dark Times era, the time between Ep3 & 4, is still off-limits for development. We’re allowed one year after Ep3 and one year before Ep4.

And good news on the Death Star front – as well as the typeface, for you font geeks.

I’m presently reading the page proofs for DEATH STAR. A good read — a nice combo of known and unknown characters — a super story. And for those of you who enjoy page counts, it’s 363 pages long.

Also, the back cover copy for Inferno ought to be showing up on starwars.com soon.