Who’s Crafty?

We’ve already pointed you to the crocheted Dalek.

But of course there’s more. You can knit a Dalek. Or a TARDIS; the picture of the finished TARDIS includes some Dalek cookies to boot. And there’s another TARDIS pattern as well.

Want more? There are good pattern roundups for knitters and for crafters.

Waaaay back in the distant past of geekdom, lots of people were knitting Dr. Who scarves, a tradition that has re-ignited. There are lots of patterns floating around on the web. Check out the pattern roundup if you need help figuring out how to knit a garter stitch scarf.

May the craft be with you

scrapyoda.jpg The Dubai Steamtroopers are not alone… In Bangkok, artist Yumi Modal and family are also crafting Star Wars figures from metal. Is this the start of a new trend? Graffiti is so last season. (via)

Before Kyle Katarn, there was
Gonk. Are you worthy of building an avatar of The One Droid? (via)

Someone made a tiny version of the Shadows of the Empire novel. But why SOTE? Is there a whole collection of these things out there somewhere? What a terrifying prospect!

So you already have a Princess Leia hat, crocheted Yoda ears, and an Artoo hat; Why not round out your collection with an R2-D2 Beanie?

Crafts for the Web Generation

Y’know, I’m starting to suspect that Dunc has a secret yearning to be crafty, in the Hobby Lobby kinda sense, at least. She keeps coming across this nifty stuff that really has to be shared. Since there are many crafty types on Club Jade (who are actually out of the closet, that is), we present them to you here:

Still reluctant to turn back into a Muggle after the hype of the past few weeks?
– An entire blog devoted to the knitty side of the Wizarding World, or
– Counterfeit some Wizard coinage for the next time you hit Diagon Alley.

Okay. You’d rather stick with the needle arts?
– Ease yourself out of Harry Potter and back into the Star Wars galaxy by knitting your favorite baby a felted Yoda hat
– Money woes preventing you from buying that new game system? Embroider your own!
– Don’t forget to crochet some games to go with it, while you’re at it
– Is sewing more your thing? How about hitchhiking across the galaxy with this really nifty Planetoid Purse?

Alright. Your skills lie elsewhere. Like food maybe?
– Make your favorite geek’s snacktime special with Circuitry Snacks
– Or ramp up the classiness of your wedding with this Mario cake or an entire XBox!

If you are geekily crafty, we’d love to share it. Just drop us a line!