Polls: Continuity results, Jedi Twilight

The results of our continuity poll are in, and it reveals that most of CJ’s readers ( a whooping 54%) are of the school that doesn’t sweat the small stuff, while 27% of you care quite a bit, 11% of you don’t really care much as long as the major stuff is consistant, and only 8% of you turn an extremely selective eye upon the process. Yay?

Our new poll is about the latest release, Jedi Twilight, first book of the Coruscant Nights trilogy. Weigh in on the sidebar or under the cut – it’ll stick around until July 13th. Continue reading “Polls: Continuity results, Jedi Twilight

Poll results: Upcoming Star Wars novels

156 readers weighed in, and there’s nothing too surprising here: Stover’s Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor, set not long after Return of the Jedi, took a clear lead with 61 votes; Luceno’s Millennium Falcon, our first look at the GFFA after the events of Legacy of the Force, took second with 43 votes. (Don’t forget these two recently swapped street dates: It’s good news for at least 43 of you.) Traviss’ Republic Commando: Order 66 and Reaves’ Coruscant Nights trilogy dueled it out for third place, ending up with 28 and 24 votes, respectively.

Poll: Upcoming Star Wars novels

IMAGE: 2008 novels, and no, that is not the real MF cover, just a ROTJ still.

Our latest poll went up yesterday, and asks which upcoming novel you’re straining at the bit for – The Coruscant Nights trilogy by Michael Reaves (The first book, Jedi Twilight, comes out in two weeks,) Karen Traviss’ Order 66 (September 16,) Matthew Stover’s Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor (December) or James Luceno’s Millennium Falcon (October.) Vote on the sidebar or under the cut. Continue reading “Poll: Upcoming Star Wars novels”

Book schedule changes and updates

Was checking up on our book schedule last night, and noticed that the release date for the third Coruscant Nights novel, Patterns of the Force, has been pushed back to January 27th – more than understandable given Michael Reaves’ health issues, so hold the bitching.

Happier news comes in the form of two paperback reprints – Death Star is set for November 11th, and Darth Bane: Rule of Two for October 28.

Our Star Wars book release schedule has been thus updated.