The fandom minute: Morning crank edition

It’s art! Or not. No. Just no. Clone Wars character design, I know McQuarrie, and you sir are no McQuarrie. On the other hand, Christian Waggoner’s stuff is kinda cool.

Let them eat slime. This Jabba cake is appropriately disgusting yet totally hand-made. Pretty impressive.

Don’t strain yourself.Is Star Wars science fiction or fantasy? It’s sci-fantasy. Duh.

Listicles. Princess Leia is one of Yahoo’s lethal ladies; The prequels bottom out io9’s list of science fiction prequels, beating out even You-Know-Who’s Dune books on their scale of crappiness. Ouch.

Road trip! If you missed it, The Vader Project is now in Pittsburgh.

Gate Geek – Teaser with Much Emotion

The second Stargate Universe teaser aired on Friday.  Very heavy on the drama and emotion.  Even though this is a “grittier” show, they’d best show some humor soon or the fan base will get even grouchier than they already are.

Over on GateWorld, coverage of the Friday events at the Vancouver convention is up. 

And I should probably hand this over to Dunc for her ongoing series on fandom cakes, but it was too cute for me to pass up:  Stargate cakes! (via)

The fandom minute: Star Wars yoda; Return of the Jedi Obama references; cakes and parties

Matthew Latkiewicz explores the comedy potential of Star Wars branded yoga in a series of correspondence between faux Lucasfilm executive Steve Jones and George Lucas.