Buffy #2 out today

No Star Wars, but it’s still worth going to the comic store if you’re reading the new Buffy The Vampire Slayer series – #2 is shipping.

Just in time for comic day, Scott Allie of Dark Horse talks to Newsarama about the new series and working with Joss Whedon. Revealed: They expect to go for at least 50 issues, and although Whedon isn’t scripting them all, he’s guiding the series and hopes to write half the arcs. Brian K. Vaughan (Y: The Last Man) and Whedonverse veteran Drew Goddard will be scripting future arcs.

From the realm of our alternate master

The Whedon-penned Buffy the Vampire Slayer ‘Season 8’ comic doesn’t come out until March, but there’s already preview pages up. Be sure to also check out the cover for #2. Pirate!Xander is hot: Who knew?

Will the comic be enough to vanquish rerun overload and post-show apathy? Only a timely release will tell!

Filk Friday

Nothing embodies the holiday season quite like self-destructive love. Er, anyway, this week’s filk of a holiday song again takes us to Buffy the Vampire Slayer in its middle/late 6th season. She didn’t get run over by a reindeer, but apparently she did have a Shagfest with a Vampire.

Filk Friday

Continuing with this month’s theme of holiday song filks, we’re taking a brief cross over trip into the Whedonverse. I mean seriously, who could resist filking the line “sleighing song” into “slaying song”? Sithspit sure couldn’t, and here’s the rest of his Jingle Bells filk entitled Sent to Hell.

Video Monday

Triumph of the Empire, an Imperial propaganda film entirely in LEGO. Inspired, obviously, by Triumph of the Will (which should be no stranger to well-studied fans,) when I first watched this I thought it was from the latest LEGO game, but apparently not. Amazing.

Speaking of LEGO… The Han Solo Affair. This one is done for LFL/LEGO – the company has also done Monty Python and Spiderman films.

Three in the Afternoon is a fanfilm about dorks with lightsabers. That doesn’t suck. (Trust me: Most of them do.)

There are a couple of Star Wars references in Weird Al’s latest video, ‘White and Nerdy.’ Are you shocked? I’m shocked.

The Mother of All Movie Trailers. Edward Norton!
Dancing Jango
Stephen Colbert and Buffy team up. Why? BEARS!
Henchmen Strike Back! Why aren’t you watching The Venture Brothers?

Random Secret Cracktastic Bonus Video: Stephen Colbert’s ‘Charlene (I’m right behind you)’