EUbits: Did George Lucas have Anakin Solo killed?

Anakin SoloMythbusting. Tosche Station got Pablo Hidalgo to dig into his notes to clarify one of the most widespread rumors about the New Jedi Order series. Did the almighty George Lucas order LucasBooks to kill off Anakin Solo? Turns out… Not so much.

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Comics. Brian Woods’ Star Wars gets a new artist, Ryan Kelly, for the new arc that starts with issue #7. Meanwhile, Cosmic Book News interviews Wood.

Excerpt. Just a little one from Dawn of the Jedi: Into the Void.

Reviews. James is glad the action picks up in Star Wars #4 and thinks the story gets off to a fast start with a very intriguing foe in Darth Vader and the Ninth Assassin #1.

Denning clarifies remarks on resurrecting Anakin Solo

Still dead.At the Fate of the Jedi panel, Troy Denning talked about a plot point that the Legacy of the Force authors were kicking around, and naturally, fandom took it and ran with it.

At yesterday, Denning addressed the squee and concerns:

Yeah — what I said was that we considered a way to use flowwalking to bring back Anakin. I also said that just because we consider an idea doesn’t mean it should be done.

When we began to explore what bringing Anakin back might mean for the rest of the EU, we decided the worms in the can were just too big to let loose. So, we decided to weld that can closed by making explicit the limits on flowwalking we had already been using informally since Dark Nest.

The idea of bringing Anakin back didn’t even make it past the “what if” stage — it was just one of a thousand things we considered that never saw ink (even in an outline).

So basically, kids, don’t get too excited: It was just an idea. (And I, for one, am happy it never got any further than that.)