Quotable quotables: Ackbar rules

It really was a trap, you know? LT sometimes likes to harsh on Admiral Ackbar for so theatrically pointing that out, quite a while after the fact, but I always tell him fuck you. Ackbar rules. He had the balls (figuratively, at least; anatomically, it’s unclear) to say so out loud! Plus, so dashing in the white uniform.

– Mimi Smartypants, ‘as discriminating as a goat’

Ole Miss students campaign for Ackbar mascot

Some students at the University of Mississippi are looking to get the GFFA’s own Admiral Ackbar as the new mascot for the Ole Miss Rebels.

I hate to bring realism into this, but I don’t think the university is chomping at the bit to share merchandise profits with Lucasfilm. Still, one can’t help but wish the crusaders luck. (You can, too: They’re on Twitter.)

And hey: At my university, a bunch of (I say with affection) freaks once managed to muster enough votes to get Burt Reynolds onto the student council. Anything is possible.