SW and trash TV – the love affair continues

Apparently Joey Fatone did a Star Wars themed tango on last night’s Dancing with the Stars. Dancing with the Stars? Ugh.

UPDATE: Video is up on Youtube. It’s set to the disco theme and his partner has a pseudo-bikini and it’s every bit as cheesy as expected.

3 Replies to “SW and trash TV – the love affair continues”

  1. I saw that! Completely by accident too… I turned on the TV just as their routine was ending, but since the DVR was on I was able to rewind and record it. The dance was actually quite good, but somewhat giggle-worthy with the Star Wars trappings.

    And hey, Joey even had a Padawan braid!

  2. It should surprise no one I’m watching this show religiously, and while I have not been Mr. Fatone’s biggest fan (I think he’s been overscored in comparison to Apolo Anton Ohno, who could almost pass for a serious pro-am competitor) and I wanted to strangle the band and seriously question whether that music can be used as a tango, overall, I liked it. (And after they butchered “Goldfinger” anything sounded good.)

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