Sue reveals two new Essentials, updated schedule

So I finally do an EUbits and then we get more news? Such is the life. But Sue Rostoni posted an updated book schedule today – and revealed two new reference/nonfiction books – so no sitting on/twittering this, thank you very much. Here’s what’s new:

  • Jason Fry is taking on The Essential Guide to Warfare – previously known as The Essential Guide to the Military. Folks have been clamoring for this for a while, so good to see it finally get pinned down. It’s due in June 2011
  • Meanwhile Internet Rockstar/Man Who Never Sleeps Pablo Hidalgo will be penning The Essential Reader’s Companion. And I am forced to devolve into aged memes. (I hate you, Pablo. Okay, not really.) Seriously now, Sue describes this as “a non-fiction guide to fiction, with side-bars calling out related comics and events.”
  • We also get a timeframe for Visions: November!

Meme or no meme, our schedule is updated, so go check out a new sneak peek at The Making of The Empire Strikes Back. (Holy heavy metal!)

5 Replies to “Sue reveals two new Essentials, updated schedule”

  1. AHAHAHAHA THAT MACRO IS PRICELESS. I think Pablo needs to make that his desktop background.

  2. There is no way I can possibly object to such shoppery. And the aspect ratio is pretty flattering too (though I know that’s not your doing).

  3. Or for DK to release ‘Essential Guides – An Incredible Cross Sections Pop Up Guide in 3-D’ where we learn in heavy-card pop-up format just what Andy Mangel’s was doing back in ’95 when he first wrote Essential Guide to Characters right through to a pop-up of Jason Fry’s frazzled synapses after finishing The Essential Atlas and starting The Essential Guide to Warfare…

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